Due Diligence+Road Trip=College Choice
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Imagine what it would be like to take a job in a city that you’d never visited before and for a company you knew little about. Sounds a bit scary, right?

You’d want to do your due diligence first. Our students encounter the same emotions when you ask them where they want to go to college. It’s a tough decision to make until they have visited a few. From the first day of school, which freshmen spend at DePaul University, we invest considerable resources in providing students—and their families—with exposure to what college life is like.  This month, 40 NLCP juniors and their counselors will embark on a 1,500 mile, week-long bus ride that will stop at campuses big and small, public and private, rural and urban. Last year’s tour featured several colleges in the Midwest, including Denison in Granville, Ohio.  NLCP alumnae K. Martin went on the tour and fell in love with Denison where she is now a freshman. Sometimes, after you've done your research, you just know where you want to be. From visits to local campuses to bus tours to summer enrichment programs, we will always help our students find the college that will be the best fit for them.


Take care,

John Horan