Promoting Excellence in Education
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NLCP has been selected as a National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) Professional Development Site for 2015-2016. This is an amazing honor that has been awarded to only 20 schools in the entire state!



It entails a cohort of educators engaging in deep learning and reflection of their teaching practice through the lens of the National Board teaching standards in their respective content areas. They will be mentored by our very own Pam Wagner, who achieved certification last year. The cohort will also be supported by the National Board Resource Center at ISU. By the end of the year, the cohort members will have completed one portfolio entry towards their own certification and built expertise in differentiated learning within their content area.

Like Ms. Wagner, NLCP science teacher Tiffany Childress also recently achieved certification. According to Tiffany, the discipline and effort involved is worth it. “Certification marries excellence in the classroom with excellence in content. It is easy to be great in one area.  This requires you to be an expert in both.”

Please join NLCP in congratulating these brave, new NBPTS candidates:

Kiel Smith, Cohort Leader

Chris Koeppen

Amanda Richey-Ryan

Andrew Brown

Elisabeth Atkinson

Luke McShane

Travis Ryan

Joanne Klonowski

Patty Santella

Geoff Hiron

Nathan Ramin

Meggen Saka

Patrick Kelly