Making An Impact
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Dave Sabo worked as a chemical engineer for Amoco Oil Company.  When he retired, he brought his accumulated wisdom to NLCP, to help tutor seniors and guest lecture on “life as an engineer.”

Mr. Sabo’s connection to NLCP started three years ago, when he first volunteered in the Senior Project mentoring program.  He worked with students whose topics and interests were in the science fields.  He used his real-world experience in engineering to expand the students’ understanding and to recommend additional avenues of research.  He also led mini-workshops in a number of the science classrooms to explain what an engineer really does in life.

Mr. Sabo’s volunteer work culminated this past year with Class of 2015 student DezWon Quinn. For his year-long “Senior Project,” DezWon was researching the amazing progress being made in the area of DNA engineering. Specifically, he wanted to know if new scientific procedures, like “editing” DNA in utero, were worth the risks.

Mr. Sabo spent extra time with DezWon, helping him to decipher the complicated publications on the issue. He also patiently listened and prodded as DezWon practiced his final presentation dozens of times.

But the work paid off. As all seniors must do, DezWon had to deliver his presentation to a panel of outside professionals. They were blown away by the depth of his knowledge and gave an “exemplary” rating.

That earned DezWon the right to present at NLCP’s “Colloquium” – an evening where the 20 or so best Senior Projects are presented to the entire community, with a chance to win $1,000 college scholarships. DezWon again shined, winning one of the top honors.

“It would never have been possible without Dr. Sabo’s help,” recalls DezWon, who is now a freshmen at the Arupe College program at Loyola University. “He made such an impact on my work, and on my life.”

Thank you Mr. Sabo!