Alumni BBQ A Smashing Success
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On August 8, over 125 NLCP Alumni gathered in Douglas Park for NLCP's first ever Alumni BBQ.

Organized by a team of alumni, this event was the first of its kind – an event whose sole purpose was to engage Alumni, share updates about the school and renew old acquaintances. Alumni from the Class of 2002, the first graduating class, through the newest the recent Class of 2015 attended and were excited to share in NLCP’s success. The food was served and the DJ had left, but there was still so many stories to share and friends to rekindle with that many stayed long after the scheduled end time.

There was an outpouring of support for the school and each other.

Nearly all of the alumni who attended signed up to get involved with the school in some aspect to continue set the example to our current student body. Chelsea, an NLCP alumnus that will soon be obtaining her degree in guidance counseling, shared why she wanted to get involved with the school: “The school encouraged me to obtain a college degree,” she said. “I would love to have the opportunity to inspire students the same way I was inspired.”

In the weeks that followed, many groups of alumni gathered together in the same spirit. Those that couldn’t make it enjoyed seeing the pictures on the Facebook page. Leo, a member of the Class of 2002, shared this, “Seeing all the pictures of people is really wonderful and heartwarming. Class of 2002 is where it all started so I'm extremely happy to see a lot of them come out! Events like this makes me appreciate my time at NLCP”.

A special thanks goes out to the organizing committee: Shana Edwards-Smith, Ashley Jackson, Apriel Campbell and Garry Sturdivant.