Planes, Trains and Automobiles...?
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What involves over 220 people taking 35 plane trips, 40 bus and nearly 100 automobile trips all over North America?  The world’s largest family reunion?  A celebrity wedding of a Hollywood diva?  No, the answer is much closer to home.  NLCP’s PHOENIX RISING program is the answer.

Every summer NLCP students take planes, busses and cars to colleges and universities all over the country.  They spend weeks away from home in classes designed to stretch their minds, give them confidence and experience what college is like first hand.  PHOENIX RISING also helps their families understand what home will be like when their sons and daughter go off to college for real.

Luther College in Iowa, Ithaca College in upstate New York, Xavier College in Ohio and the Peace Builders program in Nicaragua were just some of this summer’s PHOENIX RISING destinations.  Kebrion Robinson spent 3 weeks in the “Youth About Business Program” in Manhattan.  He lived at Columbia College and worked on business plans.  He met the Chief Financial Officer of Moody’s Corporation and leaders from Goldman and Sacks.  Kebrion said that he learned how NOT to procrastinate.  “When you have to present a business plan to a corporate executive on Thursday morning,” he said, “you have to work 24 – 7 to get it done!”

Keyanna Jones spent 2 weeks at Xavier University in Cincinnati in a pre-med program called JUMP START.  She lived in a college dorm, ate in a college cafeteria and earned college credits while still being a high school senior.  Keyanna said that this opportunity really opened her eyes about the quality and quantity of work she will have to do as a pre-med student come the Fall of 2016.

PHOENIX RISING is free.  NLCP picks up all of the tuition and travel expenses.  But our students have to pay the price that courage and resilience demands.  They have to get on those 35 planes, 40 busses and nearly 100 cars and stretch themselves to make real their dream of going to and through college.  (Many, many thanks to our tireless PHOENIX RISING coordinators, Dominque Burnett and Courtney Bishop and to our NLCP parents who trusted us with their teenagers.)