Breathe In, breathe out
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Last week I had lunch with a principal from another charter school.  I was about to tear into my meal with all of the frenzied speed and lack of manners that is my habit when she stopped me.

She said that before it her kindergarten students eat, they take 3 deep breaths and then say, "Thank, you, thank, you, thank you." She asked that we do the same.

It was nice.  It slowed me down from my usual breakneck speed.  It centered me in the here and now.  And The “thank you’s” were wonderful.  They were open-ended.  I could have been thanking the farmers who grew the food, the chef who prepared it or my friend for sharing it.

So this is how I am starting the year.  I am breathing out and breathing in, trying to slow down from the rush of lesson plans, meetings, Xeroxing and seating charts.  I am trying to center me in the great work we are called to do.  We are all working on a mystery.  It helps to come at teaching from our deep heart’s core.

And I am saying thank you – thank you to my loved ones who keep me whole, thank you to my colleagues who lift me up, thank you to all of the students who have smartened me up, and for those who will do so again this year.   We are a lucky bunch, to such important work.  I am so glad we get to do this together.

Happy first day of school.

Breathe in, breathe out

Breath in, breathe out,

Breathe in, breathe out,

Thank you, thank you thank you,

John Horan