Practicing Democracy
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On November 4, 2014, more than 30 NLCP students were eyewitnesses to democracy in action when they served as election judges.

A Well Deserved Honor
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NLCP’s faculty frequently seeks out opportunities to become better educators. NLCP science teacher Tiffany Childress is a prime example.

NLCP's Agents for Change
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“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” This quote from Ghandi is one of NLCP’s favorites.

The Phoenix Way
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Margo Giannoulis joined the NLCP leadership team as Assistant Principal at the Collins campus this year.

A Match Maker Universe
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At some point each person has to decide what kind of universe we have.

Astro physicists and mystics have a certain view. So do generals and geneticists.

Helping Hands Warm Hearts
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NLCP wanted to send “care packages” to its graduates in college to cheer them up.  But NLCP has literally hundreds and hundreds of alumni.  Francis Xavier Warde school came to the rescue.

Peace Is Contagious
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NLCP’s Peace Warriors are admired by teachers and fellow students alike for their ability to resolve conflicts peacefully.  Now other Westside schools are taking notice.

Alumni Affairs Photo Contest Winner
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For its first ever photo contest, NLCP’s Alumni Affairs Office asked NLCP’s graduates to send in pictures that depict the pride and joy of being a college graduate. We have a winner!

NLCP's John Ehresman Wins Prestigious Award
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The entire NLCP community extends a Big Congratulations to John Ehresman for being named a Symetra Hero in the Classroom 2014-2015.

How can you make an NLCP student laugh?
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High schools have their own vocabulary. At NLCP, for instance, ask a student how many note cards she has.

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