Senior Project

What is Senior Project?
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Senior Project, NLCP's culminating academic experience, requires each senior to select a driving question on any topic that interests them:

  • Should the National Guard be called in to address violence on Chicago’s streets?
  • What can we learn from the French healthcare system?
  • How do deportation policies affect the lives of undocumented immigrants?
  • Should adolescents keep their newborns or put them up for adoption?

Each senior researches his or her question; prepares outlines and drafts; and eventually brings it all together into a research paper. Then, the senior develops a way to present his or her claim and argument to a panel of outside judges. The senior may choose to do a PowerPoint presentation, or a documentary, or a website design, or a portfolio of artwork. There are many options, but the senior must make a compelling, well-argued presentation to the panel – because the student has to get a “pass” from the panel in order to graduate.

This kind of extended, self-directed deep dive into an issue helps our seniors hone the research, critical thinking, writing and presentation skills they will need for college-level work.


"Being part of Senior Project is a simple yet wonderful way to touch the life of a young person. Our presence lets students know that we care about them and that their studies are important. Our encouragement may seem small, but as we all know sometimes the small things are the big things. And in the end I suppose there is nothing small about noticing a student’s effort."

Bruce Miller CEO, Lawndale Christian Health Center
Senior Project Advisor 2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014