The Phoenix Way



Classroom Computers/ Computer Labs


Extra-Curricular Activities

School Wide & Community

Be Responsible

-Do your work, participate in class, and keep your head up

-Use class time for class related activities only

-Complete and hand in assignments on time

-Always walk

-Use restroom during the first minute of the passing period

-Travel with a pass during class time and return to class promptly

-Place trash in garbage cans

-Save your files on the server

-Keep hardware in place/Let school staff move or change hardware

-Log on and log off

-Keep food in cafeteria and on your tray

-Clean up after yourself and push chairs in when finished

-Attend events you are expected to be at

-Communicate with coach and sponsor when needed

-Take care of NLCP property and the property of others

-Be a positive representative of NLCP

-Be on time

-Use your planner

-Represent yourself professionally and with integrity

-Set appointments with staff

-Adhere to cell phone and electronic device policy

Be Respectful

-Take turns and listen when others are speaking

-Compliment and support your peers

- Ask questions when you don’t understand

- Be positive in all words and actions

-Keep moving to destination

-Use technology for academic purposes

-Leave food and drink in the cafeteria

-Use only NCLP approved websites

- Wait your turn patiently in line

- Take care of the cafeteria property

-Say please and thank you to staff and peers

-Be mindful of other events taking place

-Practice good sportsmanship with teammates and opponents

- Follow directions

-Use appropriate language and volume

-Accept individual differences

-Honor the personal space and safety of others

-Enter areas only with permission

Be Prepared

-Bring all required materials and assignments

-Be in your seat when the bell rings

-Be ready to participate

-Know your class schedule

-Use only your assigned locker

-Know your passwords

-Know your assignment

-Have school ID and money ready when in line

-Schedule tutoring with teachers ahead of time and get a pass before lunch.

-Be mindful of academic eligibility

- Have a positive attitude and come willing to participate

-Be in uniform

- Stay organized

Be Peaceful

-Use positive words and tones

-Acknowledge the viewpoints of others

-Be understanding and patient

-Promote peaceful solutions to conflict

- Be mindful of your surroundings

-Be polite and use good manners

-Use the internet productively and positively

-Share computer equipment

-Notify staff of inappropriate content and/or messages

-Be welcoming, inclusive, and willing to share

-Seek adult assistance if conflict arises

-Positively encourage others

-Cheer in an appropriate way

-Have a peaceful mindset and support others

-De-escalate conflict

-Seek adult assistance if conflict arises

-Find ways to practice peace